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Can Parents accompany their Child for lessons?

Parents may be required to accompany their child to assist in reading and typing, depending on the child's proficiency in using a computer

What is the duration of each lesson?

1 lesson per week, 1 hour per lesson.

How many students are there in a class?

The maximum capacity is 4 students per class. (This is to ensure a small class size so that each student will be able to learn at maximum efficiency.)

How do Parents know the progression of their Child?

There will be a small quiz after every 4 lessons. This will help us to assess the progress of your child, and help you ensure that your child is learning. Also, after the end of each program, the kids will be presenting what they have learnt to the parents so parents can join in for the session!

My family will be travelling for 2 weeks (or more), can I reschedule for make up lessons?

If you are going overseas, please inform us at least 4 weeks in advance, so that we can make the necessary arrangements. For makeup lessons, students may attend a separate class of the same level (subjected to availability). If there are no classes available, makeup lesson will be redeemable in the next term. 

Can I change my Lesson timing?

If there is a vacancy in the lesson timing that you are interested in, then you may change your lesson timing. 

Am I required to give a notice when I would like to stop the lessons?

We would require a notice 1 Term in advance before the termination date.

Do you do refunds or offsetting of fees?

Refunds will not be provided. Lessons and make-up lessons cannot be used to offset fees.

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