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Roblox Online Coding Class for Kids

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Having foundation for Scratch is a pre-requisite

One of the most popular games among kids, your child will learn how to code and publish their own Roblox games to play with their friends, or even with you!

Using the LUA programming language, Roblox will be your child’s first step into text-based programming. Your child will be involved with 3D game design and learn to type out the coding concepts they have learnt previously!

Learning Checklist

LUA Programming Language

Roblox 3D Game Design

Complex Coding Concepts


Code Your Own Games

With the coding foundation in place, your child will be building their own games. The complexity of the game also depends on their knowledge in Coding, making the learning process limitless!

Learning with Roblox

Learn new skills in coding, building, and game design

Connect with friends and family through games

Visit new worlds and travel around the world

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