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Why Every Child Should Learn To Code

Nowadays, more and more kids are learning to code. And, it isn’t hard to see why. Coding is one of the most in-demand skills in this era of modern technology. Jobs in IT, data analytics, engineering, programming and art and design all require coding knowledge. Apart from boosting career prospects, there are many other reasons why children should learn to code. Some of these include building communication and writing skills, encouraging creativity and building resilience. Keep reading to find out more!

1. Coding helps with math and logical problem solving

Coding is known as a ‘real-world’ way to teach mathematical thinking. When kids pick up coding, they learn to visualise abstract concepts and apply mathematics to real-life problem-solving. This is also why coding is included in many STEM programmes. For example, here’s how we use Scratch to solve a question taken from the 2019 PSLE math paper.

Step 1: Question

Step 2: Understand the question and write the code

Step 3: Run Scratch and get the solution

2. Coding helps communication skills

There are two main kinds of communication skills associated with coding —language skills and writing skills.

Similar to how learning a foreign language helps to better understand the grammar of their native language, learning to code can help kids to identify and organise communication and thought patterns. What’s more, writing code requires one to be exact and specific. As such, children learn to be more deliberate in their communication when learning to code.

Coding is also known to help writing skills. When kids learn to code, they’re encouraged to synthesise and arrange information — a skill that’s also required for producing good pieces of writing. Furthermore, children also are taught how to simplify complex ideas and present them in a concise and easy manner — another skill that’s required of a good writer.

3. Coding builds resilience

Many would agree that knowing how to cope with failure is a necessary life skill. When coding, children will learn that not all their ideas may work and often need to be revised. As such, they’re encouraged to keep trying out alternative solutions to succeed.

4. Coding boosts creativity

Last but not least, coding is known to foster creativity. When kids start to learn to code from a young age, they’re encouraged to harness their creativity and make interactive video games, animated graphics and websites. Essentially, coding allows kids to bring their artistic ideas to life!

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